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Kimono Information

Some information pages about kimono, obi and such that you may find useful or interesting

Information Pages
About Kimonos

2 Japanese Womenswear

3 Japanese Menswear

4 Further Kimono Information

5 Wearing and Folding Women's Japanese Garments - Including Video

6 Types of Women's Kimono and Geisha & Maiko

7 Japanese Eras (Periods)

8 Uses for Japanese Kimono Fabrics

9 Shibori and Tsujigahana Patterning Techniques - Including Video

10 Lots of Great Links To How To Wear Kimonos & Tie Obis

11 Obi Types and Information

12 Types of Kimonos - Picture Reference

13 Haori Kimono Jackets - Japan's Secret Treasure

14 Traditional Japanese Footwear (on my blog)

15 My Wafuku Blog, with lots of information and random other things of interest

Over many years I have gathered much information about wafuku (traditional Japanese clothing), as I studied the subject and grew my wafuku collection. I have put a selection of it together here in these 15 pages to provide you with some information about wafuku and Japanese textiles, along with a list of the Japanese eras. I hope you find it interesting and useful - just click the links above to browse the Info pages. That list of links is also available on each of those information pages.

I also have a separate Glossary page, where you can find the meanings of many Japanese words and phrases that you may come across in relation to wafuku..

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