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Read fully and carefully

I offer a layaway service, with payment by instalments on any item over £35. The item will be held for you during this time.

Read these terms and Conditions carefully before requesting Layaway. Layaway requires you to pay via PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account for that, as you can pay with a credit or debit card there.

Any item over £35 may be paid for in instalments:

  • up to 8 weekly instalments for anything priced up to £160

  • up to 16 weekly payments for any item priced over £160.

The first payment per item will be a minimum of £10. You may pay more than the amount of any instalment due, if you wish, but not less than the due amount. 

*IMPORTANT* Please be aware that there is a 3% fee added to each payment, for paying by Layaway, because I am charged a fee per payment by PayPal, so they take more from me than if you paid it all in one go, also, if you cancel your Layaway order, a £5 fee will be kept for each cancelled item that you put on Layaway, as a non-refundable deposit, to cover admin costs and possible loss of sale while the item is on hold for you. I will refund all pre-paid amount over £5 per item.

The cost of the item(s) being purchased will be divided into the number of agreed payments, with each item requiring a minimum of £10 initial payment. Each payment will have 3% added for payment fees. The final payment will also include the postage fee. Your purchase will be mailed when the final payment is completed.

The time and the number of payments cannot be extended. Late payment will mean your payments will be refunded, minus £5 fee per item, and the Layaway cancelled.

HOW TO SET UP A LAYAWAY PLAN - If you wish to purchase using Layaway, email your order to me and I will invoice you for the deposit and then set up weekly invoices for you, I will also send you an email with these layaway rules for you to reply to in agreement before any payments are made.

Email me the item title and item code, also known as its sku, (see example in image below) of the item(s) you want laid aside for you, plus your name and delivery address and the email address you wish to use to receive the PayPal invoices. For example, the item title "Bold Bamboo Kimono" with the item code "mk190". See image below. Be sure to put LAYAWAY ORDER in your email's Subject Line and send your request to

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