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Below are comments from just a few of my satisfied customers, for which I am most grateful.


S. A-K, London.

Hello. I wanted to let you know I bought the vintage Japanese fireman’s trousers. They are amazing! Thank you. If I can leave you feedback somewhere, please do let me know and shall do so. Thanks again.




















Mr & Mrs Smith

Deborah Smith, Surrey, UK.
I thought I had set myself quite a challenge when I wanted to get married in a kimono and we were planning the wedding within 2 months. Without your website it definitely would not have been possible. You had such a lovely selection of authentic kimonos it was difficult to chose... My husband was really impressed. He loved the kimono instead of the traditional bridal gown, it really added the joyous atmosphere to the day and a great talking point. I'm sure I will be buying more from you in the future, happily browsing until then. 

Above Deborah's comments is the wedding photo she sent to me. Deborah makes a most beautiful bride; graceful, elegant, ceremonial, striking and so very happy. The groom's red tie was well chosen to link with with the red in Debora's ensemble. I am most grateful to her for sending me the photo and for them allowing me to show it here.


Mrs Moig, London.

My kimono’s have arrived and am absolutely overjoyed, perfect. Thank you so much, will be ordering again. I’ve been looking for these for ever then found your site. Amazing!!!

Thank you for great service and super speedy delivery.

H. Walker, Hertfordshire, UK.
Received the haori today. It is absolutely gorgeous. The pictures did not do it justice; such a wonderful colour, and a good fit. Thank you! 

D. Payne, North Carolina, USA.
Thank you so much for all the additional information, above and beyond the call of duty. It is very unusual and comforting to find that there are still people who enjoy providing a service and will go out of their way to give customer satisfaction. I am sure this will not be the only time we buy from Wafuku. 



I. Walker, St Albans, UK.
The two wonderful kimonos you see above were made from 2 tan (bolts of kimono textile, also called tanmomo) bought from my website. Ms Walker sent me photos of the finished garments and gave me permission to display them here, for which I am most grateful. I think she looks stunning in them and it is so nice that two unused bolts of kimono textile have finally become what they were intended for. 

Angela Keeler, Montgomery, Alabama, USA.
Just a note, Lovely Blue Peacock Kimono is here!! I must say I am very pleased with it! I was thinking I would have it for party wear, however it is so elegant I find that I have found my Wedding Dress! :) I feel very lucky to have found your website. Now my search for accessories for my wonderful kimono that is old, new, and blue. My kitsuke will be very interesting I think. I will keep you posted. Thank you so much. 

S. Cronk, London, UK.
The haori just arrived, super fast, thank you. It's absolutely gorgeous, I love it and shall enjoy wearing it. Thank you too for all the information you give on your site on care, dimensions, condition etc, it makes for more confident buying. 
Thank you again, I couldn't be happier with the service and the haori. 

Herr Brix, Cologne, Germany.
Your parcel arrived today and made me very happy. Thank you very much for sending it so fast and packed good. Everything looks like in the photos and even better. 

S. Knowles, Leicester, UK.
Haori has arrived - it's lovely and she's really happy. 

F. Ullathorne, Avon, UK.
The kimono arrived this morning, and I'm over the moon happy with it, it's so gorgeous! Thank you sooo much! 

A. Williams, Aylesbury, UK.
These clothes are just TOO amazing, one of the [haori] jackets has already been pinched by my daughter, and now my mum is after one as well! Its very rare to find clothes that are lusted after by three generations! 

Annie Groeneweg, Hoofddorp, Netherlands.
The package with the 2 items has been delivered today. They are even better than I had expected. I am very pleased with your website and especially your service. 

Daniel Cis, Montevideo, Uruguay.
The kimonos have just arrived to my home and they are wonderful, better than the image of the website. My sister loved them and finally we were able to see the perfection of the sewing an the "simplicity" of the piece. Thank you very much! I will definitely buy one for me too. 

Y. Whitehouse, Cannock, UK.
Collected the kimono from PO yesterday and it's gorgeous. This is the second kimono that I've bought from you recently and must say reallly pleased with them and shalln't hesitate to recommend your website. 

S. Oneil, UK.
I just wanted to say that you sell the most beautiful garments. My boyfriend bought me a Haori as a surprise present because he knows how much I love everything Japanese and it has arrived this morning. It is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. Thank you so much for making a love of mine so accessible! I know that I will be buying from you for years to come! 

B. Klinck, Dumfries and Galloway, UK.
I was very pleased with my purchases, the quality is outstanding. Many thanks for an excellent and prompt service 

K Mash, Salisbury, UK.
What brilliant service! The kimono arrived yesterday beautifully packaged and thanks for the helpful instructions. It's perfect for my daughter to wear to play Katisha in The Mikado. I'll definitely recommend you to friends! 

Ana Maria de la Hoz Rodriguez, Madrid, Spain.
La mejor compra que he realizado en toda mi vida. MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS!

K. Nicholson, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
I have my kimono - and I love it - the fabric colour and crazy design look even better than in the photos.

John Riley, Hampshire, UK.
Thanks for the update and all the help you gave... your service has been fantastic.

Elexa Adanna, Walton On Thames, UK.
I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT !!!!! Thank you so much Ceri, for your wonderful shop, for your beautiful beautiful products which allow me to be the unique individual I am, for being so thorough in your assistance 
I LOVE the Hanten Jacket, in case you hadn't noticed!!!! It was made for me.

Peter Dellis, London, UK.
Hakama arrived this morning and very nice indeed. thankyou very much. Shall even wear it at my next time i go to sword training. Will be shopping with you again next week. Again many thanks.

Alan Molina, Bristol, UK.
Just to tell you the items are amazing. I was expecting them to look older but they are as good as new. thank you very very much. 

Lynne Ann Morse, Belgium.
I pointed one of my Japanese friends at the Wafuku site, to get her feedback on a couple of combinations I was considering - and she was very enthused about the range and quality of the products on offer. She told me that she couldn't stop browsing, and eventually had a look at everything on the site... (which made me feel a bit guilty - we're both supposed to be studying!) 

Soraya Lemsatef, Liverpool, UK.
I have ordered a couple of things from you via your site and just wanted to express my personal appreciation for all of your lovely things and informative site. I love the level of detail included, the couture-like quality, and your obvious passion for these beautiful items. The wealth of information you make available –including the very useful glossary– is ace for someone like me who already has some base information but wishes to know more. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think what you're selling is wonderful. I love that they are mostly vintage so perhaps have some provenance, and I'm sure I'll be treating myself again very soon. Arigato. 

C. Townhill, London, UK.
Gorgeous item, fast delivery, very happy customer. Will definitely deal with again. 

Jannie Christensen, Milan, Italy.
Venditore molto gentile e disponibile. Oggetto conforme alla descrizione. 

R. Mahoney, Cornwall, UK.
Beautiful, as usual!! Fantastic communications, a real pleasure to deal with. Xx 

V. Robertson, Virginia, USA.
Beautiful Item! ...good at communicating in a timely matter too! 

D.M. Smith, Bradford UK.
Simply the best. Beautiful item 

Claudine Dussart, Rixensart, Belgium.
EXCELLENT:beauté,qualité du produit,excellents services et communication.Merci 

T. Azouri, London, UK.
Items [montuki haori & ceremonial hakama] even better then expected from the most honest seller thank you!! 

T. Seeh, Tuttlingen, Germany.
Beautiful item, quick shipping, excellent service, thank you very much!!! 

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