Shibori Style Heko Obi
  • A black heko obi, with shibori look woven pattern along its length and plain weave on the ends
  • High quality synthetic textile
  • Made and bought in Japan


Excellent condition

Length 272cm
Width 33cm

Shibori Style Heko Obi

SKU: omh19
  • Heko obi are soft, informal obi, worn mostly by men and children. Men's heko obi are also known as house obi. They are very long, wrap around the waist twice, and are tied in a simple, soft bow at the back.

    Men's heko obi have an old tradition of shibori patterns at their ends, which is still often seen on many, and are usually very muted in colour, most often black or grey and occasionally navy or dark green.

    Children's heko obi are often dip-died, shaded and in bright  colours. Children's ones also make great sashes for women's kimonos when worn as house robes.