Samurai Sword Handle 'Magic' Umbrella - Unisex
  • A Japanese, collapsible, 'magic' umbrella, with samurai sword style handle. Designed for en but suitable as a unisex umbrella
  • This umbrella's handle looks like the handle of a samurai sword.
  • It has a button for telescopic opening
  • The dry umbrella has a white Japanese mon (crest) at the edge of each panel and, when wet, black mon 'magically' appear all over the surface

Excellent - Unused - deadstock


folded:length 35cm

opened:diameter 90cm

Samurai Sword Handle 'Magic' Umbrella - Unisex

SKU: xi450
  • A Japanese noren is a type of split curtain, usually hung over doors and walked through but also makes a great wall hanging. They are traditioanlly used at the doors of tea houses and often on shop doorways too.