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Kamen Riders Jinbei & Shorts Set
  • A child’s cotton, Japanese jinbei set; comprising wrap over top and shorts. Jinbei are summer wear but are also good as pyjamas.


  • Kamen Rider (Kamen Raidā / Masked Rider) is a tokusatsu superhero television series and weekly science fiction manga, created by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori.


  • Traditional Japanese, children’s clothes are worn with a tuck stitched into the outside of the shoulders, as you can see on this jinbei top. You see it on their jinbei, kid’s kimonos etc.


  • Bought in Japan, not sure if made in Japan or in China but it is traditional Japanese clothing


  • Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only





Measurements approx:


Length 32cm

Sleeve seam to sleeve seam 35cm

Sleeve end to Sleeve end 65cm

Length 42cm

Across back under arms, from side seam to side seam 41.5cm



Rise (waist to crotch) 23.5cm

Waist unstretched 24cm

Waist fully stretched 35.5cm

Kamen Riders Jinbei & Shorts Set

SKU: cx30
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