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Japanese Heian hime doll  on
  • · An elegant, beautiful Heian hime doll, with exquisite long, long hair, wearing jūnihitoe. Heian hime means noblewoman of the Heian period, when the fashion was to wear the hair long and loose, to wear several layers of kimonos (jūnihitoe) and to remove the eyebrow hair.
  • · Jūnihitoe was a style of formal court dress first worn in the Heian period by noble women and ladies-in-waiting at the Japanese Imperial Court. The jūnihitoe was composed of a number of kimono-like robes, layered on top of each other, with the outer robes cut both larger and thinner to reveal the layered garments underneath. Jūnihitoe actually means 12 layers, as was the ideal, though some wore even more layers.
  • · This doll has a gofun face and hands and glass eyes, with hand painted features. Gofun is made from powdered oyster shells and has a finish very like porcelain. Nowadays, plastics are used instead
  • · Hand painted face with glass eyes
  • · On a wooden base
  • · Made in Japan

Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only


31cm tall (feet to top of head)

base 17.5x17.5cm

Heian Hime Japanese Doll

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