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Gosho Guruma Uchikake
  • Due to weight, this would be sent by courier, e.g Hermes, rather than Royal Mail's Parcel Force, as Parcelforce's prices for this weight, roughly 5 kilos, are simply ridiculous and unaffordable
  • A slightly creamy white, silk uchikake kimono, with gosho guruma (Imperial carriages) and kiku (chrysanthemum) design. Lots of lavish embroidery.
  • It has a glorious, red lining
  • Magnificent as a hanging displayand ideal for stage wear
  • Made in and bought from Japan
  • Type: An uchikake kimono. Uchikakes are wedding kimonos, worn open, rather like a spectacular coat, over the bride’s wedding kakeshita kimono and obi. Uchikake are worn trailing on the