Gold Japanese Fukusa * Large
  • Large gold fukusa with three cranes and four turtles
  • Completely gold metallic weave on front (gold lacquer coated silk thread), surrounding the cranes
  • A beautiful, gold minogame tassel on each corner. Minogame is a turtle swimming with a trail of algae behind it; a symbol of longevity
  • The minogame tassels are 10 cm long
  • Bright red on reverse side
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • A fukusa is a square, decorative piece of cloth for wrapping gifts. Traditionally in Japan gifts are placed in a box or on a tray, then a fukusa is wrapped round it. The choice of a fukusa appropriate to the occasion was an important part of the gift-giving ritual
  • Fukusa look lovely on the wall, in the centre of a table or on a cabinet top


Excellent condition - Vintage - approx 50 years old

53 cm x 49.5 cm

Gold Japanese Fukusa * Large

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