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Glorious Trailing Kimono
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  • A stunning kakeshita kimono, which is a susohiki (literally, ‘trail the skirt’ kimono) type furisode (extra deep, swinging sleeves type), the style of kimono that both brides and maiko wear (maiko are trainee geisha, they what many people think of as geisha but maiko are the ones that wear more brightly coloured, flamboyant kimonos and lots of flower decorations in their hair and their obis hang long at the back, whereas geisha/geiko have generally more subdued style).
  • Made and bought in Japan


  • A kakeshita susohiki kimono. Worn held up or trailing, with a slightly padded hem to make it lie well on the floor. This style is worn by brides, maiko geisha.
  • Synthetic textile /li>

Excellent. There is a little bit of kinkoma (couched gold stitching outline detailing) missing from the front shoulder.

Sleeve end to sleeve end 128cm
Sleeve seam to sleeve seam (yuki) 610cm
Length 182cm
Weight 1.75 kilo

Japanese clothing is usually of adjustable fit, being mostly wrap-over or tie-to-fit items, so most garments fit a range of sizes. Because of this (and only really knowing my own size anyway) I can't really advise anyone on the fit. Please judge fit from the measurements given. Measure from centre back of neck, along shoulder and down the arm to the wrist, then double that and compare it with the sleeve end measurement to judge sleeve length. If shown modelled, the woman in the photos is 125 cm from wrist to wrist.

Glorious Trailing Kimono

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