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Embroidered Tan Han Eri on - 1
  • A tan, crepe, embroidered han eri, with touches of cold embroidery, for the collar edge of a juban kimono
  • Vintage but unused
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only

    Brand New

Embroidered Tan Han Eri

SKU: wj30
  • The han-eri is a removeable collar, just loosely stitched over the neckband of the juban kimono, so it can easily be removed for washing or changing. Sometimes special clips are used to hold it in place instead of stitching.
    The edge of the han-eri is visible when the outerwear kimono is worn on top of the juban under-kimono. It is a feature of the kimono ensemble. Kimono wearers will change han-eri to get a new appearance or to co-ordinate with their kimono & obi ensemble.

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