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Cranes & Clouds Furisode Kimono
  • An exquisite furisode kimono, with clouds and cranes.
  • See lots more photos HERE
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Type: A furisode kimono. Furisode means ‘swinging sleeves'. They have extra deep sleeves, much deeper than standard kimonos, and are worn on special occasions. They are usually hired for special occasions nowadays, as they are too expensive to own but even hiring one is incredibly expensive, hiring a synthetic one costs well over £200 for one day and a silk one costs way more to hire.
  • Silk

Excellent – some minor foxing and a hint of yellowing on the upper lining. Foxing is an orange-brown speckling that can develop on natural fibre textiles when stored in hot and humid conditions, such as the Japanese summer. Foxing does not weaken the textile, just discolours it.

Sleeve end to sleeve end 136cm
Sleeve seam to sleeve seam 66cm
Sleeve Depth 97cm
Length 168cm