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Antique Sake Bag
  • Rare antique, sake seller's bag, called a sakabukuro
  • Saddle bag style
  • It's an antique and was well used, so it is a little scuffed here and there and has wear to the bottom of each pocket but the ruffled/frayed bits at the bottom are not actually holes, they don�t go right through the thick fabric, they are on the surface. The bag is still very strong and has years of use in it and its flaws reflect its age and authenticity and give it charm.
  • This bag is great when slung over the shoulder. Large pocket on each end
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Thick, printed, heavy duty cotton, navy with off-white kanji text design. A very thick, almost denim like fabric
  • The original owner has added his own kanji on top of the white kanji
  • This is a very unusual find


Width 35cm / 13.8 inches
Length 123cm / 48.8 inches 
Each pocket section 38.5 cm / 15 inches deep
Weight approx 0.5 kilo

Antique Sake Bag

SKU: xi3
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