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Chiffon Flowers Stretch Belt - Black
  • Stretchy, elastic belt with pretty chiffon flowers at the front


Brand New 

One size.
Length: approx. 64cm (including the buckle) 
Depth: approx. 6cm
Usable size: approx. 62cm/24in to 82cm/32in

Chiffon Flowers Stretch Belt - Black

SKU: ox83
£6.95 Regular Price
£5.21Sale Price
    • All kimono need a sash of some kind, traditionally an obi, but, if casually worn as robes, a quick and easy way to hold them closed is with a belt. A tie belt or elastic belt is especially quick and easy to put on. 
    • Haori are not traditionally worn with an obi or sash but they do look fantastic when cinched in at the waist with a belt and worn with contemporary western world clothing.
    • If using a belt to hold a kimono closed, it is best to be a belt that is not too narrow but a haori looks good with any width of belt.
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