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Butterflies & Clouds Kinsai Furisode


  • An exquisite kinsai furisode kimono, with colourful butterflies among golden clouds over a flowing water pattern in the weave of the silk. Kinsai means embellished with golden detailing. An especially high quality furisode. It has pattern on the hakkae (lower part of lining), only done on the more expensive, higher quality kimonos, as this is really not seen, only a glimpse may be got as the top front flicks very slightly open as the wearer walks. It is made from exquisite rinzu silk.
  • Sash not included, for display only
  • Made and bought in Japan


  • A furisode kimono. Furisode means ‘swinging sleeves'. They have extra deep sleeves, much deeper than standard kimonos, and are worn on special occasions. They are usually hired for special occasions nowadays, as they are too expensive to own but even hiring one is incredibly expensive, hiring a synthetic one costs well over £200 for one day and a silk one costs way more to hire.
  • Silk


Sleeve end to sleeve end 128cm