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Bright on White Uchikake
  • Due to weight, this would be sent by courier, e.g Hermes, rather than Royal Mail's Parcel Force, as Parcelforce's prices for this weight, roughly 5 kilos, are simply ridiculous and unaffordable
  • Magnificent Bridal Uchikake Kimono.An exceptionally beautiful Japanese uchikake kimono, with colourful matsu (pines) and cranes (tsuru) on white, with lots of sumptuous golden thread detailing.
    Ideal for a bride and exquisite as a hanging display
  • Ideal for a bride and magnificent as a hanging display
  • Made in and bought from Japan
  • An uchikake kimono. Uchikakes are wedding kimonos, worn open, rather like a spectacular coat, over the bride’s wedding kakeshita kimono and obi. Uchikake are worn trailing on the ground, the bride stands with the hem laid out around her and the padded hem makes the bottom lie beautifully. They are part of one of several outfits a Japanese bride wears on her wedding day. Uchikake are heavy kimonos, so posting them is pricey and that must be taken into account. An uchikake costs many thousands of