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Boy Prince Hina Doll's Head

  Japanese boy prince, Hina doll head. (Note* The pictures of two heads is just for display purposes, to show a way to display them, those are just pushed into painted polystyrene blocks.)

  Beautifully crafted

  Gofun face. Gofun is made from powdered oyster shells and has a finish very like porcelain. Nowadays, plastics are used instead

  Hand painted

  Glass eyes

  This head can be used to make a doll or, as I do, be slotted into a little block of silk draped polystyrene, for display. I have a group of three like that

  Hina Dolls are to celebrate hina (girls’) days. Girls can build up a set of hina dolls, which comprise all the members of the imperial household, from an emperor and empress to court ladies to musicians etc, plus all the items that might be found in the palace, from ornate furnishings to ornaments to little plates of food etc, all made in intricate, miniature detail, rather like, here in the west, one might set up a doll’s house

  Made in Japan

Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only

Chin to top of hat – 6.25cm
Head/hair width – 3.75cm
Top head/hair to end of hair - 39

Boy Prince Hina Doll's Head

SKU: dox15
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