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Big Bamboo Mon Kimono C
  • A black montsuki kimono with 5 large embroidered mon (crests). The mon are bamboo. Montsuki are formal kimonos with one, three or five mon (crests). The more mon it has, the more formal it is.
  • A lovely quality, synthetic textile with a slight sheen to it. Hitoe kimono (unlined)
  • This looks very stylish worn with a long sleeved sweater or tee shirt under it, the ends of the sleeves showing at the wrists
  • May have shitsuke stitching around the edge; shitsuke is loose, temporary stitching that the Japanese put in to keep edges neat during storage, it just gets pulled out before wearing
  • Montsuki kimono. Monsuki garments are formal, with mon (crests); they have one, three or five mon, the more mon it has, the more formal an occasion it may be worn at
  • Awase (lined).






Sleeve end to sleeve end 135cm
Sleeve seam to sleeve seam 68cm
Sleeve depth 49.5cm
Length 132.5cm
Weight approx 700g

Big Bamboo Mon Kimono C

SKU: mk145
£138.00 Regular Price
£117.30Sale Price
  • Kimono require a sash to hold them closed, this is always bought separately. Men usually wear a kaku obi with their kimono or, casually at home, a soft heko obi.

    Sizing: Japanese clothing is usually of adjustable fit, being mostly wrap-over or tie-to-fit items, so most garments fit a range of sizes.

    Judge fit from the measurements given. Check length given for the garment, then measure from base of back of your neck down to judge that length on you. Also measure from centre back of neck, along shoulder and down the arm to the wrist, then double that and compare it with the sleeve end measurement to judge sleeve length.

    Cleaning: Be very cautious about washing kimonos. All cleaning is done entirely at your own risk, as is standard with all vintage garments and items. I would advise only dry cleaning for silk ones and for most synthetic ones, cotton ones may be dry cleanable too but select your dry cleaner carefully and take their advice before deciding if you want to try dry cleaning it. 

    Colour: Be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only.

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