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Antique, Very Rare, Samurai's Silk Mune-Ate
  • Something quite precious, a very, very rare, antique, samurai's Mune-Ate
  • Shushu silk
  • The last two photos show examples with full ensemble, one worn by a samurai and one on a mannequin bodyform, they are not the one for sale, which is shown in all the previous photos.
  • Samurai wore over their armour a Jin-Baori (War Haori surcoat), a Mune-Ate (Dickey for front of dou [dou = torso armour), each bearing their mon (crest), and a Hachimaki (Hair Band). Some were made of rugged material and some, like this piece, were for their ceremonial occasions and made from fine silk.
  • This piece is from the Edo era (1603-1868). The end of samurai in Japan was 1868. An exceptionally rare find and very collectable.




Width 29cm

Length 53cm





Antique, Very Rare, Samurai's Silk Mune-Ate

SKU: sc11
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