Antique Gourd Obidome
  • A rather special, antique, wooden obidome in the shape of a little gourd bottle. Very tasteful, understated and elegant. Beautifully made.
  • An oatmeal-grey silk sanbuhimo objime threaded through it. The obijime has a length adjuster on it. This obijime has some marks on it, however, it is wearable and it is easily removed and replaced with any narrow obijime you have, if preferred.
  • Metal loops at back.
  • The obijime (obi cord) is included.
  • Obidome make extremely nice collectors' items, as they come is such a big variety of shapes, sizes and prices.
  • Many obidome require a slightly narrower than standard obijime, known as a sanbuhimo
  • When an obijime is worn with an obidome on it, the obidome sits at the front of the sash and the obijime is tied inside the rear knot. The jewellery at the front is known as an obidome but an obijime with an obidome on it is also just called and obidome.
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only


Antique Gourd Obidome

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  • An obidome is a special piece of jewellery worn with a kimono ensemble. Traditionally it is the only form of jewellery one should wear with a kimono.

    Obidome are worn at the waist, with the obijime (obi cord) threaded through it. Normally obijime are tied at centre front but, when wearing an obidome on it, the obijime is tied at the back, with the knot inside the obi's musuba (obi rear knot). 

    Many obidome, especially older ones, require a slightly narrower than standard obijime, known as a sanbuhimo obijime.

    Obidome are often purchased to form collections.