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All Shibori Furisode Kimono
  • More photos HERE
  • A silk, red and white, entirely shibori, furisode kimono. Furisode means 'swinging sleeve' and this type of kimono has exceedingly deep sleeves. It also has gold couched embroidery outlining called kinkoma. Each dot on this kimono is produced by a tiny, hand tied knot. Many, many hours of work went into producing the bolt of silk in this way for this kimono. Shibori kimonos are therefore incredibly expensive. Some shibori kimonos take an entire year to make.
  • Shibori is an intricate tie-dye method of making a pattern on fabric. Shibori garments are exceedingly expensive. Shibori is greatly prized by the Japanese, who are aware of how painstaking it is to create
  • See how shibori textile is made and why it is so expensive. Includes video footage. It opens in a new window, leaving this page open
  • May have white shitsuke (basting stitches) around some edges, on the outside of the garment. These are simply to keep it neat during storage and just get pulled out before use
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Silk
  • Awashe (lined).

  • Condition: 
    Excellent – a very, very tiny, inconspicuous pinhole in the lining.