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A Peacock Blue Chirimen Kimono
  • More photos HERE
  • An antique iro tomesode kimono. Iro tomesode means a tomesode of a colour other than black. This kimono has a fabulous, big peacock, with embroidered head and body. It has 5 mon (crests), the mon are fuji (wisteria).
  • Entirely hand tailored, like all high quality kimonos and haori
  • May have white shitsuke (basting stitches) around some edges, on the outside of the garment. These are simply 
  • Made and bought in Japan


  • Type:
  • A tomesode kimono. Tomesode are formal kimonos, with mon (crests) and a pattern around the bottom
  • Itsutsu mon. Garments with mon (crests) are divided into three types: itsutsu-mon (5 mon), mitsu-mon (3 mon) and hitotsu-mon (1 mon). The more mon it has, the more formal the occasion it may be worn at. If a person is rich enough, they can have all three types and be ideally dressed for every formal occasion.
  • An awashe, (lined) kimono
  • Silk

Extremely good condition, there is a minor mark on the back - see photos

Sleeve end to sleeve end 128cm