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2 Part Gold Tachibana Silk Obi
  • A taiko musuba (square knot), 2 part Nagoya type obi. Known as a tsukuri obi, tsuke obi or easy obi.
  • A two piece (tsuke), taiko knot, silk obi, with glorious, gold tachibana (citrus/mandarin). The sash is one piece, the taiko knot is the other. Being in two pieces makes it much easier to put on. You tie the sash around the waist then fold the rear taiko section into shape and hold it in place, just like any standard obi, using an obiage and obijime. Known as a tsukuri obi, tsuke obi or easy obi.
  • Obi should not be washed
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Obi rear knots, whether on pre-shaped, 2-part obis or on one piece obis, are held in place using an obiage and an obijime and, if a taiko style knot, it is padded with an obi makura, all of these items are bought separately, although one can improvise with them. However, a makura is not required for a bow obi or hanhaba obi and hanaba obis do not need a makura, obiage or obijime when worn with casual, cotton yukata kimonos
  • Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only






Sash 29.5cm deep

Sash section 118cm long

Approx 1 kilo

Obi are one-size-fits-all items

2 Part Gold Tachibana Silk Obi

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