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1920s Kimono
  • A 1920s, soft silk komon kimono, with a design in the style popular in the 20s and 30s. The pattern is plum blossom branches and stylised jigami (the paper part of folding fans), with nice touches of gold enhancing the design.
  • It is the colour of peanut skins with a touch of pink mixed in. A lovely red upper lining, also especially popular at that time and earlier.
  • Komon kimonos and iro muji kimonos are becoming more and more rare as they are now rarely made, since kimono makers tend to make only very formal, ornate kimonos and summer lightweight cotton yukata kimonos nowadays.
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • These Japanese garments should be hung out to air 4 times per year, if not worn frequently, just as the Japanese do. Hang your garment to air when you receive it too, as it will have been stored for a while.


  • A komon kimono. This style is considered casual and may be worn around town or dressed up with a formal obi for a restaurant. Both married and unmarried women may wear this type of kimono. The most useful of all the kimono types
  • Silk
  • Awase (lined).


Sleeve end to sleeve end 128cm
Sleeve seam to sleeve seam 63cm
Sleeve Depth 54cm
Length 142cm
Weight approx. 1.1 kilo

Japanese clothing is usually of adjustable fit, being mostly wrap-over or tie-to-fit items, so most garments fit a range of sizes. Because of this (and only really knowing my own size anyway) I can't really advise anyone on the fit. Please judge fit from the measurements given.Measure from centre back of neck, along shoulder and down the arm to the wrist, then double that and compare it with the sleeve end measurement to judge sleeve length. If shown modelled, the woman in the photos is 125 cm from wrist to wrist.




1920s Kimono

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