White Radish Chopstick Rests
  • A set of 5 Japanese, ceramic chopstick rests, in the shape of little white radishes. 
  • The box lid has lovely Japanese washi paper on it
  • Have you ever noticed that, in Japan, they offer sets of 5 things not sets of 4? In the West, a set of 4 of anything is commonplace but, in Japan, it is much more likely to be a set of 5 of any item. The reason for this is that the word for the number 4 is “shi” but the word for death is also “shi” and this connection with death means that it is considered bad luck to have sets of 4 things? So these chopstick rests come in a set of five, as would a set of chopsticks you might use with it.


Condition: Vintage - unused


Measurement: approx 4cm long.

White Radish Chopstick Rests

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