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Urushi Waves Haori Kimono Jacket
  • A black silk haori with beautiful waves woven in glinting urushi coated silk thread, with gold, silver and touches of multicolour in the urushi. The pattern is perhaps a little less bright/contrasting than it appears in the photos, the flash brightens it a little.
  • Hand tailored haori produced using 100% silk (or Kurume Kasuri, a traditional, hand woven cotton) are investments, but worthwhile ones if you are able to look after them properly
  • Fully lined in silk too. 
  • Hand tailored in silk thread
  • Complete with hand woven silk himo, usually bought separately
  • In Japan, haori are not normally worn with a sash or belt, they are worn loosely, on top of a kimono and obi, but they also look great with a belt and with western world clothing; see examples shown on the home page.
  • May have shitsuke-ito stitching around the edge; shitsuke-ito is loose, temporary stitching that the Japanese put in to keep edges neat during storage, it just gets pulled out before wearing. These are often a sign that the garment has never been