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Striped Cotton Tabi Socks 27.5cm - 1
  • Excellent quality, men's, inky blue-ish black and white striped cotton tabi
  • Non-stretch tabi
  • Traditional kohaze fasteners
  • Traditional split toes
  • Made in and bought from Japan

Excellent - Vintage but unused

Length 27.5cm 

Place your foot flat on the floor and measure toe to heel, ideally while standing so that your weight is on it.

Striped Cotton Tabi 27.5cm

SKU: ft38
  • Tabi are split toe items, such as tabi socks and tabi boots. Tabi socks are suitable for wear with zori, tabi boots, setta or any thong toe footwear.

    Some tabi socks are stretch fit and just pull on, whereas others are non-stretch fabric, with traditional kohaze fasteners, which is a sort of hook and eye fastening.

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