Kojo Mask Silk Fukusa - 68.4x64cm
  • A large, silk fukusa, with kojo, noh theatre mask, box and folding fan. Lots of glorious gold and silver in the weave. On the rear is a large, golden mokku mon, with hanabishi centre. At each corner there is a hand braided, golden minogame tassel. Minogame are turtles with long trails of algae, denoting longevity.
  • The "Kojo" mask is worn by the actor portraying the old man in the first part of "Takasago" and in other Noh plays. The mask, embodying dignity and divinity, foreshadows the old man's appearance in the second part as a god.
  • Traditionally, in Japan, gifts were placed in a box on a tray, over which a beautifully embroidered or decorated fukusa was draped, concealing the gift. After being suitably admired, the fukusa, box and tray, were returned to the giver and only the gifts retained. The choice of a fukusa appropriate to the occasion was an important part of the gift-giving ritual.
  • It would look fabulous framed in a simple, narrow, black lacquered frame or decorating the centre of a table
  • Made and bought in Japan

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Size 68.4cm by 64cm. One tassel is shown on my hand for size reference.

Kojo Mask Silk Fukusa - 68.4x64cm

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