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Pure Silk Cord - Enormously Long
  • A pure silk, hand braided, kumihimo. Kumihimo means rounded cord. This cord is incredibly long, with a tassel on each end (tasssels still wrapped in protective paper).
  • It is made of pure silk and is a thing of beauty. I have never come across such an item before until I found and purchased two of these. I have not been able to find out its original purpose, I think it may have been made for use in a Buddhist or Shinto temple. I am selling them individually. Being pure silk, when you scrunch it up in your hand it makes that lovely noise like footsteps in deep, fresh snow.
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Type:
  • Extremely long kumihimo.
  • Silk.

Excellent - unused

Length: 328cm
Width: 2cm

Pure Silk Cord - Enormously Long

SKU: xi488
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