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Blue Silk Kimono & Haori Ensemble
  • A beautiful, high quality, silk informal kimono & haori ensemble, wth traditional kikko (hexagon) pattern in the weave.
  • The kimono is lined in beautiful, indigo cotton and the haori is unlined, to keep the wearer cooler
  • This looks very stylish worn with a long sleeved sweater or tee shirt under it, the ends of the sleeves showing at the wrists
  • Kikko (hexagon) pattern in the weave is based on the hexagon pattern on turtle shell and is a motif that represents longevity
  • May have shitsuke, which is large, white stitching put in by the Japanese to keep garment seams neat during long periods of storage, it just gets pulled out prior to wearing

Condition:  Excellent

To judge fit on you (measurements below)...