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Beautiful Wisteria Silk Fukuro Obi
  • A glorious, deep orange, silk fukuro obi, fuji (wisteria) trellis design.
  • Made and bought in Japan


  • A Fukuro obi. Fukuro obis are formal obis, worn to formal events or by brides. They are usually patterned on only one side, with plain fabric on the back, and some are patterned along their entire length but many are patterned only on the areas that show, so one side is plain, the other is about 60 percent patterned. They make great displays or panels down beds, on tables etc.
  • This is a rokutsu style obi, which means only patterned along 60 percent of the length on the patterned side, because the plain 40 percent(on the sash section of its length) is hidden underneath when the obi is wound twice round the waist. Usually also patterned on one side. More obi information further down this page, below the photos
  • Silk

Excellent vintage

Obi are one-size-fits-all items
422cm long
31.2cm wide

Beautiful Wisteria Silk Fukuro Obi

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