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Beautiful Gakuura Silk Lining - Fujiyama
  • Hand applied textile art on a men's silk haori lining fabric, with glorious artwork depicting Fujiyama, a tiger and a dragon. Lovely touches of gold detailing too. The tiger is on the paper part of a folding fan, and aranami (wild waves) surround the dragon. The depiction of dragon and tiger together is popular Zen art as these creatures were thought to be the protectors. The tiger specifically represents the soil and earth, grounded beings who might not be seen in everyday life but can be found in this world and are very real. Many paintings of both dragons and tigers can be found in Japanese Buddhist temples
  • Mount Fuji is a symbol of endurance and the forge of creativity. The tiger, being a symbol of protection, wards off evil spirits and bad luck.
  • This is called a gakuura and is woven to provide a lining for a man's haori and the design area would sit at the centre back. The rest of the textile's length is plain. You may also find it called a haura or, because it uses a thin and very smooth fabric, called katasuberi
  • A lining such as this one is often more expensive than all the outer silk used in making the haori, linings like this one were very, very expensive.
  • It is folded and stitched to its card, so I can't open it out to photograph it
  • This is an unused length of fabric, specially produced for a man's haori lining. It can be used as a lining or would fabulous with the textile art in a frame.
  • Made in Japan
  • Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only

    Condition: Excellent condition - unused

    Width 36.5cm
    Length 800cm
    Weight 1 kilo

Beautiful Gakuura Silk Lining - Fujiyama

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