Tatou Shi - Kimono Wrapper - A
  • This is one kimono tatou-shi, a special, kimono storage wrapper, sometimes also called tatoshi or tatogami. These are hard to find, so, when I run out, it is very unlikely that I shall get more.
  • Fold your kimono the traditional way and lay it inside the wrapper, then tie it closed. Kimonos should not be hung on coat hangers, as this puts too much strain on the seams and fabric, due to their shape and most being hand sewn
  • It is made from handmade, acid free, thick, Japanese paper, specially designed to contain one (or more, if you wish) Japanese kimono. It has a little window, so you can see which obi is inside it, and it has ties inside and out to hold it closed. The Japanese use these to store and protect their kimono and obi.
  • The entire tatou-shi is handmade
  • On the outside it has Japanese writing and a picture of a Heian hime; a Japanese noblewoman in her 12 layers of kimono, from the Heian era. A touch of lavender or cedarwood essential oil on the outside of the wrapper (or stored on a tissue beside it) will also help keep moths away. Do not let oil come into contact with the actual obi fabric
  • It will be sent to you folded, so expect fold creases
  • The Japanese take great pains to store their traditional garments with the utmost care, which is why they stay in such exceptional condition


Width 36 cm when closed
Length 87.5 cm 

Tatou Shi - Kimono Wrapper - A

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