Ruby Wine 2 Part Easy Obi
  • A taiko musuba (square knot), 2 part Nagoya type obi. Known as a tsukuri obi, tsuke obi or easy obi.
  • Nagoya obi style. The background is a beautiful colour; what I can best describe as ruby wine. The photos couldn't get it quite right. It's a deep, rich color.
  • Complete with its own obi makura
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Most obi, including two-part, pre-shaped taiko knot obi, require an obijime and obiage to hold the rear knot in place, both of which are always bought separately. With a taiko knot style obi, an obi makura (obi bustle pad) is worn inside the knot too, to pad it out at the top, though a few two-part taiko obis have a makura already inside the knot, however, most don't. One can buy actual obiage, obijime and makura or one can improvise with these items
  • Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only

Excellent - This is an unused, vintage obi, still attached to the backing card. The white cotton ties have some foxing spots, these are tucked under the sash when worn, so don't show. Foxing is just due to long term storage in hot, humid conditions, like the Japanese summer; it doesn't weaken the fabric, it just speckles it - see photos

Measurements approx:
Rear knot section 32cm x 28.5cm
Sash 14cm deep x 150cm
Obi are one-size-fits-all items

Ruby Wine 2 Part Easy Obi

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