Orange Silk Shibori Obiage
  • An all shibori, deep orange and white obiage
  • Pure silk
  • Shibori design. Shibori is a painstaking, popular, traditional, Japanese method of creating a design and giving an obiage a some stretch (see Glossary for more details)
  • Traditional raw cut ends
  • Made and bought in Japan



Excellent condition - unused


Obiage are one-size-fits-all items

Orange Silk Shibori Obiage

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  • The obiage goes through the rear knot of the obi, covering the obi makura (bustle padding) then ties at the front at the top of the obi sash and is tucked partially under it, only showing slightly above the obi sash. The younger the wearer, the more of it is allowed to show. An obiage helps hold the rear knot of the obi in place, as well as covering the obi makura. An obijime (obi cor) then goes round the obi, about midway and is tied on top at the front, this helps hold the obi and obi rear knot in place. These two accessories are always bought separately from the obi.

    It has also become fashionable to tie them more decoratively, with bows and such...

    • The photo here, shows a nice, contemporary way to tie an obiage, by Some are much more ornately tied, with the ends twisted into flower shapes etc.


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