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Koshi-Himo Yoki Koto Kiku Design
  • One koshi-himo
  • Synthetic textile
  • Used to tie juban kimono and outer kimono closed, with an obi worn on top
  • Yoki-kotu-kiku is a pattern, originated by the kabuki actor Kikugoro III, which is an amusing play on words. Double stripes enclose the figure zyoki (hatchet), the character for koto (Japanese harp) and a stylized kiku (chrysanthemum) as a repeat pattern. The three words, yoki, koto and kiku, also combine to mean a "good thing to hear" therefore as "good news".
  • Brand new



Length 225cm

Koshi-Himo Yoki Koto Kiku Design

SKU: ok2
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