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Tanzaku Hikizuri Kimono

• Due to weight, I will send this by courier, e.g. Evri, as ParcelForce is ridiculously and unjustifiably expensive, so not a viable option.

• A beautiful hikizuri kimono for dance performance, with fuku-eri (deep backed, wide collar) and slight padding in the hem, to help it to trail nicely on the floor. Likely worn at a dance festival, where geisha and maiko often perform for the public.

• Blue-ish green with pattern of tanzaku (paper strips for poems). Shidare sakura (weeping cherry), birds and momiji (maple leaves)

• Lightly padded around hem

• The geisha who owned it will have worn this with the hem trailing slightly. It is designed with the padded hem for use by a performing geisha--to allow it to drape on the floor and swirl outward in a graceful arc during her dances. She delicately kicks round as she turns

• Synthetic silk fabric. The Japanese excel at making synthetic silks and hikizuri are often synthetic, to stand up to more cleaning, as it can get hot when dancing    

• Fully lined

• Made and bought in Japan

•  **If shown with a sash, the sash is not included; for display purposes only, to let you see it closed, however, all kimono require an obi or some sort of sash to hold them closed; these are always bought separately. Think of it like a skirt and blouse, you can't wear either on its own, you buy them separately and mix and match


Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only



Very good – some very minor marks on the collar



Sleeve end to sleeve end 137cm

Sleeve seam to sleeve seam 68cm

Length 195cm


Japanese clothing is usually of adjustable fit, being mostly wrap-over or tie-to-fit items, so most garments fit a range of sizes. Because of this (and only really knowing my own size