Folding Kimono Hanger
  • A folding kimono especially for kimonos and haori. When opened up it supports the garment across the shoulders and along the length of the sleeves, holding the sleeves out, taking the strain off the sleeve seams.
  • Ideal for hanging a kimono or haori, which should not be hung on ordinary hangers, also ideal for displaying them.
  • Not suitable for hanging the ultra heavy uchikake type kimonos but perfect for all other kimonos and haori.
  • Made and bought in Japan.
  • Plastic
  • Japanese garments should be hung out to air 4 times per year, if not worn frequently, just as the Japanese do. Hang your garment to air when you receive it too, as it will have been stored for a while.

Folding Kimono Hanger

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