Fantailed Carp - 2 Part Obi
  • A taiko musuba (square knot), 2 part Nagoya type obi. Known as a tsukuri obi, tsuke obi or easy obi.
  • A 2 part tsuke (pre-tied) chou chou musubi (butterfly bow knot) obi. The design has the moon reflected in a pool with fantailed carp swimming in it
  • This type of obi does not require a makura pad, though is usually worn with an obijime and sometimes with an obiage too. They are usually worn with yukata kimonos
  • The sash is one piece, the rear knot is the other
  • Obi should not be washed
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Most obi, including pre-shaped taiko knot obi, require an obijime and obiage to hold the rear knot in place, which are always bought separately. With a taiko knot style obi, an obi makura (obi bustle pad) is usually worn inside the knot too
  • Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only


Measurements approx:
Sash 131cm long x 17deep
Bow 38 x 25cm
Obi are one-size-fits-all items

Fantailed Carp - 2 Part Obi

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