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Beautiful Lining Long Haori
  • A black silk haori kimono jacket made of beautiful soft silk, with a really spectacular silk lining. The body is extra long and the sleeves extra deep.
  • It has gosho guruma (Imperial carriages) woven into the black silk in glinting, metallic urushi coated silk threads. Haori are so beautifully made, with the seam edges hidden both inside and out, that you could easily wear them inside out and show off the beautiful linings many of them have. Few, however, have a lining quite as fabulous as this one
  • It also has one embroidered mon at centre back, making it suitable for slightly formal wear
  • Made in and bought from Japan
  • This haori has shitsuke, which is large, white stitching put in by the Japanese to keep garment seams neat during long periods of storage, it just gets pulled out prior to wearing


Sleeve end to sleeve end 122cm
Sleeve seam to sleeve seam 60cm

Sleeve depth 56cm
Length 94cm

Japanese clothing is usually of adjustable fit, being mostly wrap-over or tie-to-fit items, so most garments fit a range of sizes. Because of this (and only really knowing my own size anyway) I can't really advise anyone on the fit. Please judge fit from the measurements given.Measure from centre back of neck, along shoulder and down the arm to the wrist, then double that and compare it with the sleeve end measurement to judge sleeve length. You can get a rough idea of the length and size, as most haori are roughly the same size, from the photos further down this page, below this haori’s photos, where you can see some modelled by a UK size 10 woman who is 155cm (5’ 1”) tall and about 125 cm from wrist to wrist.


Haori kimono jacket Awashe (lined). Light lining fabric on the upper lining, the lower lining is the same fabric as the outside

Beautiful Lining Long Haori

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  • Japanese haori; a long kimono jacket, with swinging kimono sleeves. Traditionally worn loose over kimono and obi, fastened with a front tie (haori himo) on centre front edge, but also lovely worn with contemporary clothing, such as jeans, skirts and dresses, either worn loose or cinched in with a belt or sash. So beautifully made, with hidden raw edges, that they can even be worn inside out, with the often beautifully decorative upper lining on show.

    Much more haori infornation can be found in the Kimono Information section of the website (page 13, "Haori Kimono Jackets - Japan's Secret Treasure"). Worth a read prior to purchase.

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