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Easy Wear Date Jime
  • A Japanese, chocolate and white, traditional hakata pattern, easy wear, women's date jime obi. Wraps twice around the waist, holding the kimono firmly closed
  • This is a date jime obi but it is such a good, easy to put on. handy alternative to a tied obi that I decided to include it in the Other Belts section, as well as the Date Jime Obi section
  • This date jime is excellent as a casual kimono sash. It is a good depth and has a rubberised backing for grip, so holds the kimono in place beautifully. It also has the great advantages of being highly adjustable and extremely easy to put on, as no tying is required. One end is backed with Velcro and can be fastened anywhere along the length of the dark, plain section of the other end. It's such a good one that I kept one for myself
  • Made and bought in Japan


Excellent - unused

Length 118cm 
Width 10cm 

Easy Wear Date Jime

SKU: od1
    • All kimono need a sash of some kind, traditionally an obi, but, if casually worn as robes, a quick and easy way to hold them closed is with a belt. A tie belt or elastic belt is especially quick and easy to put on. 
    • Haori are not traditionally worn with an obi or sash but they do look fantastic when cinched in at the waist with a belt and worn with contemporary western world clothing.
    • If using a belt to hold a kimono closed, it is best to be a belt that is not too narrow but a haori looks good with any width of belt.
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