Obi Makura with Koshi Ita
  • Obi makura with koshi-ita � obi bustle padding. This is an extended obi makura, known as azuma sugata, also known as a karyou makura, which aids in tying a variety of obi knots, such as fukurasuzume knots (sparrow knots). This type is hard to find
  • Measures roughly 23.5cm long, 18.5cm wide
  • Used inside the top of the rear knot of an obi, to pad it out. A makura is not required for hanhaba obis or for the bow shaped pre tied obis
  • The makura is held in place by its ties (then covered and held secure by an obiage, purchased separately, which threads through the knot, covers the makura, then is tied at the front)
  • Made in and bought from Japan
  • Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only






Mae-ita 13 x 35cm

Obi Makura with Koshi Ita

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