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Embroidered Kitties Wired Face Mask - 7 Cats,15 Mask Colours
  • A washable face mask, ideal for shopping and travel on public transport, with over-nose wire, for tighter fit and less steaming of specs, and has adjustable, over-ear elastic loops. The edges are serged/overlocked.  NOTE* THE WIRE & ELASTIC - When you receive your mask you need to press the wire into shape over your nose and down its sides, to make it fit snugly against your face. Also tighten the elastic to fit by sliding up the toggles. The mask will not fit snugly until you do this.
  • This mask is two layers of cotton and one layer of polyester-cotton blend, with adjustable elastic ear loops. The innermost 2 layers are made as a filter pocket, behind which you can slip an additional filter, if you so wish, so you can increase the layers. I saw a study that said that kitchen paper towel is excellent at filtering, so that is always an option, just fold it to fit.
  • Don't judge the fit by the photos on the polystyrene head, its shape and facial features are not the same shape as a real face, it is just to give you a rough idea of how it looks when on.
  • NOTE* the fabric of the filter pocket and inner layer may vary, it may be patterned, it may be plain.
  • The wire, when shaped to the contours of your face, helps hold the upper edge of the mask closer to the face and can greatly reduce steaming up of specs caused by breath escaping upwards. The wire is removable, if you prefer none or wish to remove it before washing. Once the wire has been bent into shape over the nose, it is unlikely to fall out during a machine wash but you can either put it into a bag (e.g. pillowcase) and tie it closed or remove the wire before washing, if preferred. If, however, you do take the wire out before washing, do not lay it down anywhere other than in the sink in which you are going to wash your hands, then as soon as mask in the machine, wash both the wire and your hands with soap. 
  • If you added a filter, remember to remove and bin it before washing the mask.
  • MAKE SURE YOU COVER BOTH NOSE AND MOUTH WHEN WEARING A MASK. It is absolutely pointless wearing a mask and covering only the mouth, no one is protected by that.
  • Do not wear it more than once without washing it, even if you only had it on briefly or didn’t get close to anyone. If you have been out the house wearing it, even very briefly, wash it as soon as you get in. Don’t lay it down anywhere when you take it off, put it straight in the washing machine or into the pan in which it will be boiled. Have the machine open or pan ready so you don't have to touch them when you go to put the mask in. As soon as it is in the machine or pan, wash your hands. Wearing a mask is done in addition to social distancing and hand washing etc, not instead of it.
  • Masks should not be worn by CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN 2 years old nor anyone who has trouble breathing.
  • Link to the BBC video guide to wearing a mask (55 seconds long)
  • A tip to help reduce steaming of specs is to wash the lenses gently with water and soap or washing up liquid, rinse them, then gently dry with a soft cloth. A very fine, invisible film of soap or detergent will remain on the lens, reducing steaming up.
  • My stock is protected because I decided to quarantine my 99 year old mother, and therefore myself along with her, on 13 March for the next few months. All my stock is here with me and will be untouched by anyone other than me and is made from materials I already have. All purchases will be packaged and sealed and then collected from my porch for delivery, without me being in contact with anyone at all. This means the content of your packages is safe and protected, since no one else but me touches it and, as safely as anyone can say, is virus free. Just a little reassurance in case you wondered.
  • I hope you stay well. Take care.

Embroidered Kitties Wired Face Mask - 7 Cats,15 Mask Colours

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