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A Handsome Grey Kimono & Haori L
  • A men’s handsome kimono and haori ensemble.
  • Made from a synthetic textile that looks like tsumugi silk.
  • Men’s casual wear kimono. This looks very stylish worn with a long sleeved sweater or tee shirt under it, the ends of the sleeves showing at the wrists
  • Awase (lined) kimono
  • Synthetic textile. Gently hand washable at 30C, using only detergent for colours, and can then machine spin to remove excess water, then hang to dry.


Condition: Brand new.


To judge fit on you (measurements below)...
I really cannot advise on fit, please judge fit from measurements given
Check height: For men you should pick a kimono that is about 10” (25cm) shorter than your height. However, shorter is fine for home wear kimono. In general, they will easily fit up to a medium-build man and are likely to be shorter than ankle length on anyone over 5'8"
Check width: A kimono with a width (Sleeve seam to sleeve seam measurement) that is at least 16” (40cm) greater than your hip size will fit perfectly, however if the width of the kimono is not at least 10” (25cm) greater than your hip size, your legs may be visible as you walk but there’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it’s just not the traditional way. you adjust the tightness by the amount you wrap over the fronts, always left over right
Sleeve length: Measure from centre back of neck, along shoulder and down the arm to the wrist, then double that and compare it with the sleeve end measurement to judge sleeve length



Men’s Japanese Size M

Sleeve end to sleeve end 148cm
Sleeve seam to sleeve seam (yuki) 71cm
Sleeve depth 49cm
Length 142cm
Sleeve end to sleeve end 146cm
Sleeve seam to sleeve seam (yuki) 72cm
Sleeve depth 50cm
Length 100cm

A Handsome Grey Kimono & Haori L

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