Boxed Black Obiage & Obijime Set 1
  • A boxed, black silk obiage and kumihimo (hand braided) silk obiage.
  • Made and bought in Japan



Excellent - unused



Obiage are one-size-fits-all items
Obiage Length about 160 cm x Width about 30 cm
Obijime 150 cm long

Boxed Black Obiage & Obijime Set 1

SKU: oa104
  • Obiage is a scarf-like accessory that is threaded through the reak knot of the obi, the ends taken rount to the front, then tied around the top of the obi sash and tucked slightly behind it. The older a woman is, the more it is tucked behind the sash, so less of it shows above it.

    Shibori obiage are a very old traditional style and the shibori gives them a stretch but there are many varieties nowadays, including plain silk crepe, synthetic gauze etc. It has also become fashionable to tie them more decoratively, with bows and such.

    • The photo here, shows a nice, contemporary way to tie an obiage, by