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Blue Silk Ensemble & Himo
  • A blue silk kimono and haori ensemble, complete with lovely, blue silk himo (front tie on haori, usually bought separately). The colour is even on each garment, even though it may look shaded in the photos, I just don't have good lighting for taking photos.
  • This looks very stylish worn with a long sleeved sweater or tee shirt under it, the ends of the sleeves showing at the wrists
  • The haori has a silk lining, with exquisite  textile art of a view of Mount Fuji, with beautiful trees, a cottage and people walking up a sloping road
  • Wonderful quality. Entirely hand tailored. Top quality garments
  • The kikko (hexagonal) pattern in the weave is based on the pattern on a turtle’s shell and represents longevity
  • Men’s casual wear kimono & haori
  • Due to the weight of