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Bamboo & Phoenix Maru Obi
  • A lovely, hand woven, silk maru obi with phoenix design. I have included a photo or two obis formed into hanging displays to show what could be done with this obi (plus an obijime). The display obi is not included, it’s just for reference.
  • Beautiful to wear or used as a display.
  • Made and bought in Japan

Type: A Maru obi. Maru obis have the pattern along their entire length and on both sides. They are very heavy obis and exceedingly expensive obis, costing thousands of pounds when new. They have a very firm, corset like feel. Maru are rare nowadays, as they were so expensive and the hardest obis to tie. They are really only occasionally worn by brides now and sometimes by geisha but are highly collectable and make great displays or panels down beds, on tables etc.

Good – some marks – see photos


Obi are one-size-fits-all items
Width 30cm
Length 372cm

Bamboo & Phoenix Maru Obi

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