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Antique - Fireman's Jacket - Rare - B
  • A very rare, antique, Japanese fireman’s jacket. Woven in very heavy duty cotton, to be fire resistant, even moreso when they wet it. A collector’s item, extremely hard to come by.
  • Belt loops have been attached, they are old but not as old as the jacket and can easily be removed, if wished, or left on as part of the jacket’s history.
  • I also have a pair of antique, fireman’s trousers and hood, which may still be available on the site
  • Made and bought in Japan

Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only

Extremely Good apart from worn neck edge – Worn at the neck/collar edge but otherwise it is in very good condition for a garment of this type and vintage (see photos). The neck could be left as it is, simply as part of the garment’s history, or the worn section could be covered in something such as bias binding. Red binding would look nice on it, to go with the red band over the shoulders, or black like the edge of the cuffs, though dark blue or grey would work well too.

Length 77cm
Sleeve end to sleeve end 130cm
Side seam to side seam 62cm

Antique - Fireman's Jacket - Rare - B

SKU: mx14
  •  kamishimo, comprising umanori (divided leg) hakama and kataginu. Kamishimo were worn by samurai and court men, the outfit consists of a hakama, and a sleeveless top with exaggerated shoulders (sometimes supported by bamboo strips and lined with paper) called a kataginu, which are worn over a formal kimono.

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