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Antique - Fireman's Jacket - Rare - A
  • A very rare, antique, Japanese fireman’s jacket. Woven in very heavy duty cotton, to be fire resistant, even moreso when they wet it. A collector’s item, extremely hard to come by. The pattern is done by means of kata-aizome (indigo stencilling). This one has a fireman’s metal badge on it. I think the belt lops have been added and are not an original part of the jacket but, being hand sewn, they are easily removed, if wished.
  • I also have a pair of antique, fireman’s trousers and hood, which may still be available on the site
  • Made and bought in Japan

Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only

Extremely good

Length 76cm
Sleeve end to sleeve end 134cm
Side seam to side seam 66cm
Weight 1.4 kilo

Antique - Fireman's Jacket - Rare - A

SKU: mx12
  •  kamishimo, comprising umanori (divided leg) hakama and kataginu. Kamishimo were worn by samurai and court men, the outfit consists of a hakama, and a sleeveless top with exaggerated shoulders (sometimes supported by bamboo strips and lined with paper) called a kataginu, which are worn over a formal kimono.

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