Antique Buddhist Uchishiki
  • One, genuine, Edo era (1800-1868), Japanese, antique, embroidered silk, Buddhist uchishiki
  • It is in rather poor condition but is still very collectable and a wonderful display item. It is rare to have survived in any condition. It would look great in a simple frame
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • The Uchishiki is a triangular piece of cloth, which hangs over the front of the Maejoku over the Mizuhiki. The cloth is also of rich brocade using gold and silver thread. The literal translation "strike (uchi) spread out (shiki)" refers to the origin of the cloth which was "spread out" for Shakyamuni Buddha, whereupon the disciples bowed in reverence "striking" their foreheads on the ground


As expected for its age

21 x 33 cm

Antique Buddhist Uchishiki

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